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Medical Professional Database

Click here to download our medical professional database that includes medical professionals recommended by our group.

Clinical Guidelines

Click here to download the Clinical practice guidelines for the care of girls and women with Turner syndrome:

Click here to download the US Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Care of Girls and Women with Turner Syndrome

Other Useful Resources for those Affected by Turner Syndrome

  • A really excellent health check list for Turner Women.

  • Another great paediatric and adult health check list

  • This website gives the opportunity for patients to rate their doctors. It's a very helpful resource if you are moving area or are tentative about seeing a particular professional.

  • A resource put together by the wonderful Claus Gravholt

  • An excellent resource for keeping teack of your health.

  • A really good resource for adolescent Turner Girls looking for a simple to understand basic overview of Turners.

  • For people in need of support for personal and relationship issues.

  • Royal children's hospital tranisition to adult care website

  • Genetic support network victoria 

  • Mental health website for young people including pod casts and fact sheets

  • Youth disability advocacy service for young people 12-26  with chronic illness and disability

  • A helpful resource to promote general health. Free hotline 1300 806 258


If you are aware of any helpful resources, please e-mail Sharing resources is an important part of looking after one another and ensuring that females with Turners get a high level of care.

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